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Our Everglades tours are the most comprehensive in the business. Praised in the Miami Herald, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Florida Keys Free Press, and hired as guides by Columbia Sportswear, GQ Magazine, and National Geographic Films, this trip is our bread and butter. Our guides have over 20 years of experience in the Everglades. It is our mission to provide a safe and fun adventure for those seeking out the heart of Florida's largest wilderness. Seasonality controls much of what you will see and do in the Everglades. If you have something in particular you are looking to see, just ask one of our guides and we'll make sure you come during the right season. While every trip is different, catered specifically to fit the needs of each client, there are some things you can expect when signing up for our Everglades tour. Our Everglades National Park tour typically contains the following main activities:



Come romp with us through mazes of cypress trees in the famous "domes" of dwarf and bald cypress. In these ecosystems, depending on the season, you can hope to find orchids and other epiphytes, as well as frogs, snakes, alligators, and owls. During certain times of the year, wildflowers blanket the ground and zesty lemon becopa crackles beneath your feet as you tread beneath the tropical canopy. Our clients love visiting the "gator holes" where often times hatchling alligators can be found. Don't worry, we wouldn't take you there if it weren't safe. With our guides, we respect the distance of native wildlife. 


Freshwater Paddle

We'll rinse off our muddy feet in the cool waters of a very unique Everglades ecosystem: the freshwater dwarf mangrove habitat. Paddle through tunnels of arching mangroves and out into the shallow flats of needlerush and periphyton. This is truly an incredible experience as American alligators bask on the banks and in the dry season clog the arteries of creeks and deep basins. Here you will have a chance to see many different fish species as well as crocodiles and myriad birds. 


Saltwater Paddle

A favorite for birders, the saltwater paddle is consistently the most productive wildlife viewing experience of the trip. Paddling out on the emerald waters of Florida Bay, an 850 square mile estuary, you will get unparalleled access to the abundance of wading birds, particularly the colorful roseate spoonbill, raptors, and the frequent appearance of bottlenose dolphins and lemon sharks. On rare occasions flamingos can also be seen. After a hearty paddle around the tidal flats, we'll watch the sunset while sharing a bottle (or two) of wine: a much deserved treat after a full day of adventure.



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Full Day - $150 (+tax)/adult - $125 (+tax)/child - The full day tour will include all of the activities listed above that conditions allow and if weather and time permits, an additional night walk. (night walk is generally a winter activity) Trips meet mid-day and continue until the late evening to accommodate all of our adventures—this is a full helping of the real Everglades. Please be aware that conditions may change your booked full day to a half day as described below. We will always try to keep you aware of any changes ahead of time.  

Half Day - $125 (+tax)/adult - $95 (+tax)/child - The half day tour will let clients join the beginning of the full daytrip and participate in the hike/slog and the freshwater paddling portions. The half day meets mid-day and ends in the late afternoon. A taste of the Everglades for guests with a tighter schedule.  **Please be aware, Everglades National Park started charging all vehicles a flat rate of $25 to enter the park- this affects our half day guests who follow us in their own cars. We will ask you to please pay half of that, $12.50 to offset that new cost.  Thank you.  

Group Rates - Inquire within, prices vary depending on size of group. Special discounts are given to school groups, non-profits, and other education-based entities.