Jetboil camp stove


Jetboil camp stove

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This extremely portable cooking system is perfect for backpackers and all campers. Extremely easy to light and use, you’ll appreciate its portability and efficiency. You can boil right in this unit (and drink/eat from it) or put a pot or pan on it. Lights well in windy conditions. Comes with one canister of fuel.


  • FluxRing® heat exchanger improves fuel efficiency; regulated flame provides maximum efficiency 

  • Adjustable-flame burner is housed in a wind-screen, reducing heat loss in windy conditions 

  • Neoprene cozy stays in place during cooking without melting, increasing heat retention and cooking efficiency 

  • Piezo igniter sparks the stove to life with a push of the button, eliminating worries about wet matches and burning your hand 

  • Anodized aluminum 1-liter cooking cup with drinking spout provides excellent heat transfer and cleans up fast 

  • Burner and cooking cup are integrated into a single convenient package for instant setup and compact storage 

  • Base and cooking cup unsnap for storage; base and 110g fuel canister (sold separately) stow inside the cup; lid snaps shut for storage 

  • No assembly or priming required 

  • Perfect for fuel-efficient, ultra-light backpacking when all you need to prepare your food is boiled water 

  • Jetboil Classic Personal cooking system weight is 15.25 oz.: stove weighs 6 oz. and cooking cup with lid weighs 9.25 oz.

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