Everglades film making with National Geographic


As some of you may be aware, Garl with Garl's Coastal Kayaking has been working with Zoltan T in making a film for National Geographic about the Everglades. It's video editing time and Zoltan recently sent us this slow-mo video of a gator hunting- it really shows the quality of the work he is producing and it's been such an amazing project to be part of. More footage to come and we are so looking forward to the finished production!

Gator vs snake

Gator vs snake

A common question we get is "what do alligators eat?" They are opportunistic eaters and will eat what's available from apple snails and pond apples all the way to birds and snakes. We were lucky enough to see this one mid-meal on a tour the other day.

A fun week in the Everglades, Baby owls!

The weather has been ideal for Everglades exploration with fresh breezes and just enough cloud cover to keep us cool.  This week we were lucky enough to find some baby Barred owl chicks!  They are fluffy and fuzzy and cute as can be.  This page has some great information about this owl, always a favorite feature of the tour.  Of course we can never guarantee sightings, but we see them frequently and they are so beautiful. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/barred_owl/id