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Garl's Coastal Kayaking Everglades is the perfect trip for those looking to explore the Everglades with their cameras. With rare opportunities to get close to some of South Florida's abundant and iconic wildlife, visitors will leave with cherished memories and photographs to share with friends. Browse through our photo gallery to see some of the examples that renowned photographer Mac Stone captured while on various tours with our guides. Here's what he says about our tours:

I often like to travel alone when photographing, but in a wilderness as big as the Everglades it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Garl’s guides know exactly where to find the wildlife and beautiful Everglades vistas and more importantly, how to get me there during the good light. Many of my images are owed to Garl’s expertise and paddling skills in this ecosystem. I would highly recommend this to trip to any professional or amateur photographer.
— Mac Stone