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Q: Will it be dangerous?

A: Safety is our main concern. Getting out into the wild always has elements of surprise which is what makes the Everglades so unique. There are lots of surprises! However, our guides are trained naturalists and biologists and have been kayaking, swimming, and slogging this backcountry for years. In our twenty years of guiding, we have never had an incident. Many parents leave the trip wishing they had brought their children as it's an unforgettable, but safe experience.

Q: Will there be mosquitoes?

A: The Everglades is known for its mosquito populations, especially during the summer months of May - September. Mosquitoes are most prevalent in the salt marshes where we avoid taking guests. When kayaking you will likely never have a problem with bugs. When walking through the cypress domes you may hear the occasional mosquito buzzing your ear but our guides bring plenty of repellant and we also offer top of the line mosquito suits for those particularly worried about bites. 

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: The dry season is typically from November - March, although fickle weather patterns can emerge without warning in the Everglades. In the summer large thunderheads and rolling nimbus clouds are what make the Everglades sky so dramatic. Often times, these storms are what make the most incredible sunsets out on Florida Bay. Our guides are ready to customize the trip to cater to the guests needs and to also make sure no guest feels unsafe. If a major storm is forecasted for the day of your trip, we will gladly reschedule or refund your money. 

Q: Should I bring food and water?

A: We request that guests bring at least a liter of water per person for the trip-  it's also very helpful if you bring a refillable bottle for the day as well.  We will stop at the famous Robert is Here fruit stand on the way to stock up on fresh cut fruit and we suggest bring a sandwich for the trip, as it's a long day and you will want something substantial.  Your guide will have a cooler that you can put your purchased fruit and bagged lunch in.   

Q: What kind of wildlife will we see?

A: Wildlife in the Everglades waxes and wanes with the seasons. With such a large area of wilderness there is never a guarantee that you will see any or all of the wildlife on your list. However, our guides are intent on giving you the best possible trip and many of them are trained wildlife biologists which means they know exactly where to look should an alligator, snake, owl, dolphin, spoonbill, or flamingo be in the area. The best thing is to come with your glass empty and let us fill it up with whatever the Everglades has on the menu for the day. If anyone can show you Everglades wildlife, it's our staff.

Q: Should I bring my camera? 

A: Of course! We will be marching through water and kayaking around water, so if you want to make sure your camera stays safe, we recommend bringing a dry bag just in case. Sea to Summit or Sea Line bags seem to work the best and they are a small investment to protect your electronic gear.

Q: Do your guides take photos during the trip?

A: Yes! Our guides are also great photographers and are happy to take photos of the wildlife and adventure you'll experience on your Everglades tour. At the end you may purchase the photos, which will be uploaded to for your convenience!

Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend lightweight clothes, preferably not cotton because it takes so long to dry. Long sleeve shirts and pants are best for sun protection as well as a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. We also recommend for the walking/slogging portion of the tour. Any sort of cheap water shoe will do as well as shoes with ankle straps like Tevas, Chacos, Five Fingers, or just an old pair of tennis shoes, those will work just fine. 

Q: Can I be in the same boat as my partner, friend, or child?

A: Yes, we have tandem kayaks available, just make sure to tell your guide when making the reservation.

Q: How many people can you take at once?

A: We can take as many as 25 people at once if you are all part of the same group but if you are a couple or a small group we will never put you with a group of more than 12 people to make sure you have an intimate experience in the Everglades. 

Q: What if I'm only one person, can you still take me?

A: Yes! If you desire to be by yourself we have a special rate for that. Some photographers like to go alone so they can make their own schedule and we are happy to accomodate. If you are a single person and you would like to go but not pay for a special rate, we will schedule you with another group, no bigger than 12 people.