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2/25/ We had a great day. Thank you!

Loved the whole trip. Wonderful variety! Better and different from what I expected. We always felt well taken care of by Garl and were amazed by his ability to spot wildlife. Thank you!!

This tour was AMAZING! Absolutely fabulous. Garl and Mike escorted us from one ecosystem to another. I highly recommend them and their tour!2/16/18
The tour was awesome! The experience was not on my bicket list. But it is now, and I got to cross it off!

Very enjoyable day. Wasn’t expecting the water walk but that was the best bit.

Smitty was a fantastic guide, very easy going and knowledgeable. We were there on one of the coldest ever days in the Everglades but we still loved it. Thank you so much! Dianne Kapral

Smity was great!

Fantastic people and great service. They were very flexible and patient. Much appreciated!

Hello and thanks for the receipt. I want to take an opportunity to let you know that our day of adventure ROCKED! It will be one of those experiences that David and I will reminisce about frequently- high praise as we've done a lot of traveling in our lives. Being able to experience the Everglades with feet on the ground, a calm Kayak and then one with some waves, the plant and animal life and a night walk. You even provided the clothing needed to preserve my pants! Who could ask for more? Here's wishing you a happy Holiday season, a happy New Year, no more big storms and a quick recovery of the Keys from the devastation that was Irma. Thank you! Patti Rosen

It was a great experience! With a great guide Erik😀

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Why choose us as your Everglades guide? Well, just read our reviews.

Our company has been hired to provide excellent guiding and location expertise by:

  • Disney IMAX
  • National Geographic
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • CNN
  • NY Times
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Sports Diver magazine
  • GQ Magazine

 We take great pride in our reputation which we have grown over the years only through providing a professional service to visitors of South Florida from all over the world. We are focused on giving our customers the best possible experience in the Everglades, whether from a major film company or a family just looking for a great time. Our staff loves this wilderness and our only goal is to make you love it too. Here is what a few other veterans of the Everglades have to say about our tours.

Garl's Coastal Kayaking Everglades just won the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor travelers for the FOURTH year in a row!

Garl's Coastal Kayaking Everglades just won the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor travelers for the FOURTH year in a row!

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Don’t make the usual mistake of returning home from the Everglades to tell your friends that there is nothing more than trees and grass! You will miss one of the biggest adventures in your life in one of the most amazing places on Earth. But you need somebody who opens the
secret door of the Everglades for you. And no doubt, he is Garl. It was a miracle for me when we first went out filming together. Moreover it seemed that gators, owls, crocs and all the other creatures know him personally out there! Let him introduce you to this hidden world, and trust me, you will be amazed.
— Zoltan Török - National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker
Spending a day in the Everglades with Garl Harold is truly an eye-opening experience. As he leads you through the Everglades you are aware that it is like having the late Steve Irwin lead you through a South American rain forest. Garl knows the territory — what to avoid, where to find the hidden creatures, how to make the most of the adventure. Garl’s calm explanation of what most of us would not see represents an instant link with a part of nature that, for most, is limited to watching a TV nature show. Garl’s Coastal Kayaking tours have opened the Everglades National Park experience to hundreds of folks who might have never ventured beyond the Anhinga Trail at the Royal Palm Visitor Center. He takes us away from the elevated boardwalk deep into the unique Everglades fauna and flora where the air gets thicker along with the wildlife, where the sights, smells and sounds of the River of Grass come alive. An adventure with Garl is truly a “walk on the wild side.”
— Steve Gibbs - Journalist - Key Largo, FL
I have spent my life fishing, birding and exploring the Everglades and if I could only choose one trip to enjoy what the glades have to offer, I would go paddling with Garl. His trips will get you into the most beautiful of Everglades landscapes with chances for once in a lifetime encounters with the unique wildlife of the Everglades. This is a must do trip for newcomers to the Glades or those wanting to get off the beaten path and learn more about the Everglades ecosystems.
— Peter Frezza - Fishing Guide and Audubon Biologist - Islamorada, FL
I have had the opportunity to accompany Garl and his small staff on several tours over the years and spent many hours exploring the back country of south Florida with him on our personal time. Working as a wildlife biologist here for more than a decade, I’ve experienced a wide range of guides and naturalists and believe that anyone would be hard pressed indeed to find a more ethical, knowledgeable, reliable, and personable operation. Coastal Kayaking staff are extremely passionate about the natural wonders here and spend every day observing, exploring, and learning...there is simply no substitute for, “time on the water”. The Everglades and it’s wildlife can be dynamic and unpredictable, unlike many “boxed tours”, these folks customize each trip to the specific interests of their clients given season and conditions. While no one can guarantee what will reveal itself on a given day; they know how, when, and where to go, giving every tour the absolute best chance of seeing what interests them most while exposing everyone to some new and unexpected surprises.
— Mark Parry - Wildlife Biologist - Homestead, FL
When you explore the everglades the only person to do that with is Garl! This trip is my favorite - I can do it over and over again and never have the same experience! Each and every time I am on the edge of my seat with excitement - Garl will guide you to understand and appreciate this vast expanse -‘the river of grass’ - For one day you can become Marjorie Stoneman Douglas or Glenn Simmons- observe nature, see birds and wildlife most only get to see on the nature channel just a short distance from you - be brave enough to take the night walk - a truly wild adventure you will never forget and surely be talking about for the rest of your life !! Absolutely a five star must do!
— Deena Hoagland LCSW - Director at Island Dolphin Care - Key Largo, Florida
Garl and Garl’s Coastal Kayaking provides a wonderful and educational Everglades trip for Scouts. He took us ( troop 914 Islamorada Florida) out into the cypress domes and showed us things we would never have seen just driving up and down the road. He took us on freshwater and saltwater kayaking trips, where we saw alligators, crocidiles, sawfish, sharks and many species of birds.

He’s great with kids and I highly reccomend this for all Scouts.
— Roy Bogue - Boyscout Scoutmaster Islamorada - Visited January 2013