Mangrove Exploration


We visited our special mangrove snorkel spot this weekend with a special guest, Quentin F who was anxious to get some nice photos on his tour. Garl's Coastal Kayaking didn't disappoint, check out this pretty seahorse he photographed! He loved the kayak snorkel tour and promises to send a few more of his great photos.

For anyone interested, this trip is a fantastic add on to the full day Everglades tour (and in fact you will get a multi-trip discount for booking both). It is a several hour tour that takes place in an environment surrounded by mangroves- most people don't realize just how much life is attached on the bottom of the mangroves themselves as well as living among their roots. We also frequently see nurse sharks, sea turtles and rays! Don't just stick with the coral reef, explore it all and do our Mangrove Exploration tour. 305-393-3223 for more details and information!