March Madness!!

March was a fantastic month in the Everglades. The weather is still cool, albeit a bit windy some days, and the wildlife was abundant.  We enjoyed meeting several groups that came out with us- the Geneva School, who enjoyed a slog and a paddle as well as a spirited group of paddlers all the way down from Michigan who enjoyed exploring Nine Mile Pond for a few hours.  We love groups of any age, so let us know how we can accommodate yours.

Another expanding aspect of Garl's Coastal Kayaking are kayak rentals in the Everglades. You can rent singles or doubles and we have the equipment so that you can load a kayak right on top of your car, no extra charge.  We can also drop off and pick back up for a fee. Ask us about other related rentals such as coolers, dry bags, waterproof camera- even tents/bags/camp stoves! Contact us before your trip and we can arrange for your self guided day trip or camping needs.  

Of course, our pride is in our guided trip, which runs every day of the year- you never know what you will see but it is always a memorable trip. Just ask our guests!

I'll leave you with a few shots from the month and see you in April!


paddlers prep.jpg
paddlers launched.jpg